First! A comic from penny-arcade:

Now, a link to Jesse’s latest web masterpiece:

In other news, I’ve been enjoying this latest resurgance of my creativity, including the continuation of the Tides and Agamemnon stories. While I’m in Pennsylvania, I’ll be concentrating solely on writing Knight Commander. Hopefully, I will finish it, or at least put a huge fucking dent into the word count. It’s already a couple of months overdue.

Unwound is back in production. I’m back into the mad-watching-anime-please-don’t-fuck-with-me mode at home, much to the joy of my roommates, as well as writing reviews for the website, which is always fun. This season, we’re playing it smart by doing 5 episodes at a time with 2 week breaks.

My job with Japan-A-Radio will be including trips to SakuraCon 2005 and Fanime 2005 this year, so you guys up in the Pacific Northwest may have an opportunity to hang out. I should be free nights, hopefully ๐Ÿ™‚ If you’re interested, please get a hold of me, and we’ll make some plans. April 7-10 for Sakuracon. I’ll also be adding Ani-Magic to my con tour this year, in addition to AX2k5 and JTAF3. Not sure if we’re doing any other conventions, but I think if we could, we would.

Baseball season is almost upon us with pitchers and catchers reporting to Spring Training in less than a week and a half. I can already feel ‘s baseball battle aura, and the battlecry of “C’mon Blue!” Aaaahhhhhh…. to quote the brilliant green, “I’m in heaven…”

Oh, and I spilled Pepsi all over Ein (my laptop). I think he’s dead, now. I’m very pissed about this.

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