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So, it’s that time, and to keep things nice and current, we’re going to do a carryover league this year since we had so much fun.

However, to do a carryover league, we need to pay for it. I’m in a Sportsline league with another group right now and I love it. I’d like to use the same system, but we can do a buy-in and prize at the end if everyone wants to chip in. The cost of the league is $130 total, so if we had 10 teams, each one buying in at $13 for the year, it’d be great. The more players who join, the lower the price will be per player. You will need to have an account at Odd-numbered teams per division are okay, but I need a minimum of 10 willing participants to make this fly at $13 or else it’s a no-go.

I need firm committments from people who’re wanting in, and want to do this over the course of several seasons. It’s a pitcher’s only league, and we’re counting the following stats:

BB (Walks Issued), BS, CG, ER, ERA, GO (Ground Outs), HA (Hits Allowed)0, HD (Holds), HRA (Home Runs Allowed), INN, K, PG (Perfect Games), RL (Relief Losses), RW (Relief Wins), SV, SHO, W, and WHIP.

I’m taking suggestions for other stats to score or to not score.

Not-so-simple rules: Week-long periods, head-to-head scoring for wins/losses; lineups are locked for the week (except in the occurance of a player going on the DL). Trades voted on by the owners by majority within 3 days, and the deadline is August 31st. Waivers for 2 days. Owners keep a healthy percentage of their teams at the end of the season. Ownerless teams at the end of the season will be up for sale between November and January, and if they have no new owner, they’ll be absorbed into the pool for the draft. Draft order to be determined in ascending order of playoff eligibility (ie: last place team goes first, etc) with a serpentine round.

Draft is single-player autopick on March 31, 2006.

Please reply here if you’re interested or have questions or whatever. Those who want to buy-in (at $20 to start), send me mail at the email addy in my userinfo.

x-posted to , . I apologize if you saw this more than once. I just wanted to show this to as many people as possible to make this happen.

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    • chibiendy on February 15, 2006 at 17:27

    Okay, only somewhat related, but did you see the Fantasy Baseball prospect list on My boy Cain is the top ranked pitcher! =)

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