Fighting to Stay Awake

Today was a pretty busy day at work, and I started feeling a little tired at around 3pm.  I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep last night, for some reason.  I’m not sure if my fatigue was due to not enough sleep, too much work, one meal so far that day, or perhaps a combination of all three.  In any case, I was really fighting  to stay awake on the drive home and even conversation wasn’t helping me remain conscious.  So I thumbed through my iPod and found Metric’s Black Sheep, and just played that at a really high volume.  Of course, now the damn song is stuck in my head.

Here, have some Metric (and Brie Larson), singing Black Sheep from the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack:

Anyway, now that I’m finally conscious enough to write blog posts, I figured I would at least say something substantial.

I really miss playing softball.  Maybe not the team itself, but I loved being out on the field again.  Since I left my last company, I haven’t had any kind of activity to take its place, so I’m looking for something that’ll help me get back into the swing of being active on a weekly basis.  But something with enough of an impact to really wear me out.  I might wait until next year to go do pick-up games, but I would love to get a real team together again.  I wonder if I could rustle up enough people to field a team in time for the spring season?  I hope so.

Anaheim New Year’s, Day Two

First, I want to say goodbye to 2007. I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. I do those on my birthday, because that’s really when my New Year begins. This year, I didn’t make any, because I accomplished pretty much everything I wanted to do before I turned thirty-one. For 2008, though, I would love to finish writing my novel and short story series… and maybe sell them someplace and do that for a living. I think I could be really good at writing.

Second, more stuff from Anaheim! We began our day late. We went to Tiffy’s! Those of you who’ve gone to AX with me know how awesome Tiffy’s is. Well, Julia got indoctrinated into the Tiffy’s coolness because we had our brunch there. We both ordered the chicken fried steak, and yes, Todd, I thought of you. Man, I miss the gang sometimes… and I miss AX being in Anaheim even more. All the memories I have of all those years spent wandering around the convention/hotel row, and driving around to the various places we’ve been, I just miss that kind of fun. However, there’s also something to be said for spending some quality time with the wife, and somehow I don’t think having everyone here would be conducive to that one bit. The good news is, we have some more pictures for you!

Downtown Disney100_0451We went to Downtown Disney shortly before all the NYE hoopla began. This is a shot of the sign near the hotel entrance, right next to the ESPNZone (obviously to the right). We ate there and the food was awesome. Started with some chicken tenders, then we both had classic burgers with that addictive chipotle mayo. I love chipotle mayo. The fries were good, and Julia had a sour margarita that cost nine bucks, so I made her drink it all. Tap, they had mojitos! Julia took a shot of me pointing to the drink menu. Mojito!That’s when I texted you that you should have come with us. Anyway, upstairs, they had this Dave & Buster’s like arcade, but with all sports games only (of course). I played air hockey, where Julia kicked my ass; basketball, where I kicked hers; hockey, where a cardboard goalie blocked most of my shots; and a driving game, where it’s clear to me why my wife has no license.

More tomorrow!

Anaheim New Year’s, Day One

We made it down here in less time than I thought. We took 101 all the way down, because I realized that we do take 5 and the reason behind that notion is that it’s usually for Anime Expo… and we always go down the same day as pre-registration. Well, you have to leave early in order to make it there in time to get your badges. Otherwise, you’re waiting along with the other late schlebs on the first day of the convention, and instead of actually enjoying the convention, you’re sitting in the sun, baking. This is not the case, here. We’re here for a vacation, not a convention, so there’s no need to rush.

It was nice, taking our time in the car. We stopped once for food, twice to stretch our legs, and no times for gas. Yeah, we made it down on one tank of gas and no one was more surprised than Julia. I, on the other hand, was pretty sure we were going to be fine. Anyway, we got in before 3:30pm (better than the 4:30pm we originally thought). The GPS crapped out before the second rest stop, and it was pretty pissed that we didn’t take 5 down. Finally, I think it gave up, because Julia said that it said, “Continue,” it a rather indignant tone. I was quick to point out that I didn’t think it had the ability to feel indignant about anything, but when I thought about it, I thought maybe she was right. It ran dry of battery a little more than half-way through the trip, so it didn’t have to worry about it, but we sure could’ve used it to tell us about LA traffic.

Before I go, I want to share some pics we’ve taken already!

Room 12335 Horizon Room 12335 HotelsThese two shots are the views from our room. We specifically asked for a Disney view, and we got it. The weird thing is that while here, I feel like I need an Anime Expo and the gang with me. I love this Hilton, but it feels empty without 7 people in the room. The other weird thing is sleeping on a California King-sized bed instead of our smaller full-size at home. It’s huge! We’re looking forward to the fireworks show at 9:25pm tonight. They even provide like a little wicker couch that you can turn around and face the window so we can snuggle up and enjoy the show.

More later!


Y’know, there’s something to be said of watching so much of a particular series that it starts to become second-nature.  It happened with Star Trek, it happened with The West Wing, it happened with Babylon 5, it happened with Stargate SG-1.  And now, I just can’t get enough of Stargate Atlantis.  I’m sure you guys (those of you who’ve watched this series) know why.  I think, though, that my wife is starting to really get sick of it.  Just as she does when I start in with either The West Wing or The Office.  But, at least she likes The Office, just not to the point where she wants to keep on watching and rewatching…

Anyway, for the trip down to Anaheim, I have decided to give my wife a break and not watch TV all the way down there.  Instead, I’ll be indulging in a little music.  I’ll write more after we check in.


For the second day in a row, I got to leave a little early from work.  This is good for me, because when it happens, I’m usually carpooling with the guy who’s on call.  And since he’s on call, staying until 7pm as usual doesn’t make much sense since he’s the one who’s catching all the after-hours calls anyway.  Also, I’m the backup oncall person, but I get to go off the grid starting tomorrow, so the third guy in the chain gets to move up one because I’m turning off my phone for the next six days and not giving a shit about it.

We’ll be leaving early Sunday morning at around 5am, because someone wants to go down US 101 instead of taking I-5 like normal people.  I’m not entirely sure why one would take 101 all the way down, considering how much of a state the roads are in when you get past San Luis Obispo.  So, we might compromise a little bit by taking 101 for part of the way and then 5 the rest of the way down, but I’m not sure where on 101 to turn off, because 101’s kind of boring until you go past Solvang and hit the coast.

Anyone have any suggestions on that?