34th New Year’s Resolutions

One of the new years’ resolutions I’m going to try and stick to for one year from the Fourth of July is to blog at least once a day (either publicly or privately).  So this means that sometimes you’ll see a post from me and sometimes you won’t.  This particular resolution will be judged solely by me.  But, I guess I should maybe talk a little bit more about what’s been going on lately:

  • I recently celebrated my 34th birthday about two weeks ago on the nineteenth.  I was very heartened to have a large number of friends show up for the party and we had a lot of fun, into the wee hours of the night and actually on to the next day.
  • Shocking News: I managed to stay employed with the same company for more than a year.  In fact, on July 7th, I’ll be celebrating Year Two with this company!  I haven’t done that since 2002, when I was with PayPal.
  • One of my best friends moved up here from Fresno and is now living right next door in his own place.
  • Since my last post, we’ve moved into a house, which is infinitely better than an apartment.
  • I staffed Fanime in May, which was one of the things I swore I would never do again, but Rob was rather convincing and since Japan-A-Radio was there, it made sense to bring me on to staff.
  • I’m playing and managing my company’s softball team.  I’m having a lot of fun with it, even though we’re in second-to-last place in our division.
  • I’ve lost some weight, but I don’t know how much.

As with every birthday, I use June 19th to set some resolutions for the new year.  I took a break from resolutions for my 33rd year, which was a gift to myself.  But now that I’m 34, I’ve decided to make some and see how long before I break them.  Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. I am resolved to write a blog post every day for a year.  The blog posts can be public or private.
  2. I am resolved to lose at least 25 pounds this year.
  3. I am resolved to restart and maintain my sit-up and push-up program for the next six months.
  4. I am resolved to do cardio three times a week (DDR, swimming, cycling).
  5. I am resolved to finish writing two novels and ten short stories this year.
  6. I am resolved to winning National Novel Writing Month for 2010.
  7. I am resolved to not bite off more than I can chew.  My wife knows what that means.

I’m not asking for people to help me with these.  I know I have enough self-discipline to carry this out, and I’ll see it through to the end.  With my recent softball experience, I’m noticing that my weight has become a hindrance to my performance on the field, and since we’re all going to continue playing over the summer, I want to be able to do more.  Besides, pretty soon I’ll be 40 and that’ll be it for me, even for recreational softball leagues… unless I get back down to a manageable size.  My wife will help me where I need it, and that’s really all I can ask for.

On a less serious note, I’d like to go to more Giants games.  Especially now that Shon’s here full time.  We really need to take him up to church so he can worship with me at the Altar of Bonds.  Maybe I’ll convert him to my baseball “cult.”

In site news: I upgraded this thing to WP 3.0 — it’s actually pretty awesome.

How’s your summer going?


Julia and I went chair shopping over the weekend. The chair I had been using since last 2003 finally killed my back and so she and I traded chairs since I’ve been experiencing a lot of back pain while using my old one. Julia was using my even older black chair for sitting, and ever since we switched, she’s been bitching about my back-killing chair and wanted me to go out and buy a new one ASAP. I couldn’t blame her. So, last weekend, we went to the Office Max near the Pruneyard and waited for a really long time for them to go get the chair I wanted, only to have them come back and tell us that they don’t have it in stock anymore. Suck.

We drove to the one by our house (which I skipped because their chair selection sucked) and they had it in stock. Shock. I picked it up, along with more ink for our printer, and that was it. It was one of those EZ “green foam” chairs, and it was fifty bucks off, which made Julia very happy in the long one. I’ve included a picture of it right here, except mine’s black, not brown.  I’ve had it since Saturday and I like 10 times better than my old chair.  Except the chair I really wanted was the Aeron chair by Herman Miller.  Man, if I had 700 bucks to drop, I would buy one up so quick and never have to buy another chair ever again.  I feel in love with the Aeron chair when I was working at GNAC in 2000 and all I can say is that I could fall asleep in that thing, no problem (and I have, but don’t tell anyone).  Julia wouldn’t let me buy one, though.  She’s a party pooper.

In other news, I’ve been writing straight through my on-call week at work.  I managed to get another 30k done last week, bringing me a lot closer to my 75k goal.  I”m a mere 20k away from finishing my novel and then I’m in revisions!  I guess it’s time to start querying agents.

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Full Speed Ahead

Although the title of this post refers to the newest fanfic project I’ve been working on, it seems like I’ve been writing at warp speed lately. In the last three weeks, I’ve cobbled together some 80,000 words, which is the equivalent of a full novel. I managed to finish the following projects:

It’s interesting to note that half my output is on fanfic, which won’t really get me very far. As soon as I finish U41, I’ll be plotting its sequel and getting FSA3 written so that the people who keep emailing me about it will let me be 🙂

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Mass Effect

I have been playing an inordinate amount of Mass Effect lately.  I love that game.  It’s part RPG, part FPS and all awesome.

In other news, I finished writing the fifth part of Star Trek: The Quarterdeck Breed yesterday.  Geez, it only took me like five years or so, eh?  Five years for just shy of eight thousand words.  I think that’s a new record.  No, wait!  KC took way longer.  Anyway, go read it if you want to.  It’s supposed to be a flashback story that has a happy ending.  Spoilers for those who haven’t seen the end of the Deep Space Nine, yet.

And the reason I haven’t been posting as frequently is that November and December burned me out on posting every damn day.  I needed a break to recharge my batteries.

Anaheim New Year’s, Day Two

First, I want to say goodbye to 2007. I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. I do those on my birthday, because that’s really when my New Year begins. This year, I didn’t make any, because I accomplished pretty much everything I wanted to do before I turned thirty-one. For 2008, though, I would love to finish writing my novel and short story series… and maybe sell them someplace and do that for a living. I think I could be really good at writing.

Second, more stuff from Anaheim! We began our day late. We went to Tiffy’s! Those of you who’ve gone to AX with me know how awesome Tiffy’s is. Well, Julia got indoctrinated into the Tiffy’s coolness because we had our brunch there. We both ordered the chicken fried steak, and yes, Todd, I thought of you. Man, I miss the gang sometimes… and I miss AX being in Anaheim even more. All the memories I have of all those years spent wandering around the convention/hotel row, and driving around to the various places we’ve been, I just miss that kind of fun. However, there’s also something to be said for spending some quality time with the wife, and somehow I don’t think having everyone here would be conducive to that one bit. The good news is, we have some more pictures for you!

Downtown Disney100_0451We went to Downtown Disney shortly before all the NYE hoopla began. This is a shot of the sign near the hotel entrance, right next to the ESPNZone (obviously to the right). We ate there and the food was awesome. Started with some chicken tenders, then we both had classic burgers with that addictive chipotle mayo. I love chipotle mayo. The fries were good, and Julia had a sour margarita that cost nine bucks, so I made her drink it all. Tap, they had mojitos! Julia took a shot of me pointing to the drink menu. Mojito!That’s when I texted you that you should have come with us. Anyway, upstairs, they had this Dave & Buster’s like arcade, but with all sports games only (of course). I played air hockey, where Julia kicked my ass; basketball, where I kicked hers; hockey, where a cardboard goalie blocked most of my shots; and a driving game, where it’s clear to me why my wife has no license.

More tomorrow!